terms of service

Redline Technology will never sell, distribute, reveal, or make available of any customer information. We support the work of the anti-spam organizations. If there is ever a need to contact you in regards to your specific account and service, we will only contact you though email. Redline Technology reserves the right to make any reasonable adjustments to our terms of service at anytime. Clients agree to abide by any additions or adjustments to our terms of service, as they are available to be viewed by anyone at anytime.

Domain Names and Domain Transfers

As part of our “ethical hosting guidelines”, Redline Technology Hosting will take necessary steps to register domain names on behalf of the client when requested. Redline Technology Hosting sets all domains to auto-renew annually. If you do not wish to renew your domain, you must contact our help desk to remove the auto-renewal. If you have any questions at all about DNS changes or domain names in general, please email helpdesk@redlinetechnology.com.


Redline Technology reserves the right to update product and service pricing at any time. Redline Technology agrees to notify clients 30 days in advance of any hosting plan price changes, and seven days in advance of any “add on” service price changes. Clients will be notified of said changes via support ticket opened on the client’s behalf by Redline Technology staff.

Overage Charges

Our hosting plans are designed to accommodate the majority of usage scenarios given the needs of our customers. However, your usage may vary and require additional allocations, specifically in the areas of storage and traffic. We will never charge you automatically if your account requires more resources. You must keep your email address updated within your cPanel, so that you may receive an email when your account reaches certain limits determined solely by our system. You will receive a bandwidth exceedment warning at 80% at which time you may contact us to purchase a higher transfer quota for your account. Clients with overages will be charged $1.00 per GB of overage to be automatically invoiced on your service renewal date. If you chose to upgrade your plan to accommodate your usage, this fee may be waived.

Refunds/Account Termination

If, for any reason, RedlineTechnology.com fails to deliver said services, a prorated credit can be issued upon request. No credits will be issued if abuse of our stated policies forces redlinetechnology.com to suspend or terminate your services prematurely. In the event you request account cancellation, once your service has been cancelled your account will be suspended from use. It will then be deleted within 30 days.

In the event your website has been suspended, cancelled or terminated for any reason, Redline Technology reserves the right (but undertakes no obligation) to retain one or more copies of the information on the website for its own records. Redline Technology further reserves the right to distribute any information on any website to the information’s owner of record, upon said owner providing adequate proof of ownership as determined in Redline Technology’s sole discretion. You specifically release and hold harmless Redline Technology from any claims arising out of the foregoing.

Resource Abuse

Force Majeure
Redline Technology agrees to take every reasonable precaution to provide the agreed upon services to our clients. However, Redline Technology is not liable for service interruption due to circumstances beyond our control including but not limited to: natural disaster, fire, downtime caused by failure of the power grid, or downtime caused by government acquisition of Redline Technology assets.

In the event your website has been suspended for resource abuse (abuse that cannot be resolved by removing/changing a script, etc.) and you do not wish to upgrade to a dedicated server to accommodate your site needs, we will only release the suspension within 24-48 hours. This is to ensure the CPU intensive site slows down in traffic to avoid further damage and problems. A backup will then be provided of your files or you will be allowed FTP/cPanel access for a certain time period.

In the event your website is suspended due to non payment, the site will not be unsuspended until payment has been received and applied to all overdue invoices. Clients have the ability to pay, add funds, and apply those funds to any outstanding invoices through their client area. Services will be unsuspended within 24 hours upon receipt of payment.

In the event that any, or all information on your site is inadvertently removed, Redline Technology will provide a restore from our backups for a $25.00 fee. If files have been inadvertently removed due to a fault on the part of Redline Technology staff, a restore will be provided free of charge at the reasonable discretion of Redline Technology.